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tv   France 24  LINKTV  October 13, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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palestinian violence against israelis continues with three killed and 20 wounded in 4 separate attacks in jerusalem and the outskirts of tel aviv. the scrappy socialist versus the seasoned pro. bernie sanders goes up against hillary clinton in the first televised debate. the former secretary of state still having trouble connecting with the grassroots. the man who killed five people on a shooting spree in paris in january got his orders from to attack the easiest target he could find. israeli lawmakers are looking at
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ways to curb palestinian violence after the deadliest day yet in the latest wave of attacks. three israelis died and 20 were wounded in 4 separate run and knife attacks -- gun and knife attacks this tuesday. proposals by the government include closing off arab neighborhoods in jerusalem and making it easier for israelis to carry guns. sergio, described the situation for us on the street -- describe the situation. a lot of random violence. how are people coping with that? sergio: fear describes the situation right now on the streets of jerusalem. people are afraid of future violencents and of the
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in the streets, either being or on on the one hand, the other hand, you can find more and more random attacks also on palestinians. the mayor of jerusalem mentioned closing off the arab neighborhoods in jerusalem. ow would that work? sergio: this was a proposition made by the mayor of jerusalem today. apparently, it was adopted by the cabinet at midnight, but there were very technical thesems in implementing decisions. many palestinians who have to work and have to go out for their daily lives. if you close off the neighborhoods and people will not be able to work, you will
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bigger problems with violent actions, and this is a risk the government is facing. if they allow people out of the neighborhoods, in what way? how much time? if you have to go to work at 5:00 a.m., what our do you have to be at the checkpoint -- what hour do you have to be at the checkpoint? the implementation might lead to bigger problems in the city the moment it is implemented and if it will be implemented. more troublinghe aspects is a lot of it has been carried out by young people, young arab israelis and palestinians who do not member -- do not remember the last spate of violence in israel.
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: when we speak about jerusalem, we speak about young people using very primitive , other type ofes attackingons, individuals. only today we saw an armed attack and the use of firearms in jerusalem. outside of jerusalem in the west bank, we are witnessing mass mobilization, and we have seen parties joining the process. in jerusalem, we've seen individuals, many of them very -- like yesterday's attacker was only 13 years old -- attacking other people, and they are not organized in political parties. they are making the decision to
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attack alone. it happens in the street, decision-making in the moment. laura: just to bring you up-to-date with some of the responses to the violence, john, the secretary of state in the united states, condemned what he called terrorist attacks -- john, the secretary of state in the united states -- john kerry, the secretary of state in the united states. i'm joined by a franco israeli the nowwho once advised president of the international center for peace in the middle east. thank you for being with us. been very close to the peace process and lack of peace process in israel for many years
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. what do you make of these spontaneous attacks by young palestinians, by arab israelis as well? one of the perpetrators was a young woman studying chemistry at an israeli university, someone who seemed to have a lot to live for and a lot of promise in her life. what motivates someone like that to go and staff an innocent anilian -- go and stab innocent civilian? >> you are absolutely right to pose the question. be in the shoes of any of their parents. it's tragic. obviously, these kids are outraged. they feel they have nothing to lose anymore. they are desperate, and it is what pushes them to these terrible actions.
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what we saw over the last few weeks is an escalation of violence not only verbally but on the ground. the terrible terrorist attack on a palestinian family, and israeli governments say they know who committed the crime, but they did not arrest them. two weeks ago, when a couple was killed by palestinians, 48 hours after, is really's arrested the palestinian who perpetrated the terrible crime -- israelis arrested the palestinian who perpetrated the terrible crime. i'm putting the blame on the israeli government as well. it's a lack of hope for the population -- laura: i go back to the young woman who was studying chemistry at university. she was not being oppressed, but she was making her life choices and living her life.
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what about the people who work in the telephone companies? -- what pushes people who have jobs, family, study, to commit this terrible crime, to destroy lives? laura: there is an ever direct -- there is an element of incitement -- >> i don't think so. ? ura: what about online media there has been a lot of talk about people watching online video's saying, "go out and kill people watching online videos. you are absolutely right. there is incitement to violence on both sides. i follow social media and see the promoting, and it is terrible. for israelis and palestinians
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not to reach a peace deal but to implement the agreements signed so far. i told them, "let's implement a peace commission," and they both agree to do it, but so far, nothing happened. when i see prime minister netanyahu blaming only president it is-- president abbas, incitement as well. laura: let me bring you up on that. when you link it to the peace process, when you link it to hope for the palestinians, how explain -- back in 2000, there was a lot of hope.
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palestinians were very, very close to getting a state, but hundreds of israelis were killed in bombings at pizza restaurants, buses, kindergartens. how do you explain the link? >> you are right to remind about that. startedd of violence when the peace talks broke at can david -- can't -- camp david. both sides were frustrated and angry at the other side. you are referencing the same situation. saw a last few weeks, we break in the status quo, which
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was very clear over the last 50 years. do not go to the temple. what we are seeing in the last few months, members of parliament going to the temple. settlers and jews went to the temple in the last few weeks, and it has created a lot of frustration. it is very, very dangerous. the only answer to this violence, the only thing that will guarantee the security of israel -- and i feel what the israelis are dealing -- are feeling. they are afraid and terrorized by what is happening. the only way to guarantee and for evereace countries to recognize israel. afraid we've run out
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of time. thank you. after fierce debate, lawmakers and iran have given the greenlight to a nuclear deal with world powers. it is a victory for president rouhani, who faced stiff opposition. iran must start rolling back its nuclear program from october 18. mark thompson has the story. mark: the vote passed but not without protest. 161 iranian legislators voted in favor of the controversial nuclear deal reached with western powers, compared with 51 who voted against it. most of those, conservatives vehemently against the bill. they are particularly critical of iran's foreign minister and chief negotiator in the talks. he was forced to leave the negotiation after the atmosphere became too tense. this sign reads, "passing this bill is an official violation of
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the law." iran's leader asked the country to ratify the tax having already approved the agreement. the delimits the government's ability to enrich and stockpile uranium and in laos -- allows government monitors to have access to facilities. the bill now passes on to the council charged with examining all legislation. they could still send a text back. three months after marathon talks ended with an agreement in vienna, the historic agreement is now one step closer to becoming reality. one is a former first lady and secretary of state in a large campaign. the other is a socialist trying to end equality. hillary clinton on bernie sanders will meet in a televised
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debate tonight. this is what we might expect. >> these employees of the trump international hotel are marching in las vegas for better international conditions. runner hillaryt clinton has joined them to put pressure on the man who is tipped to win the republican nomination. isi don't think it entertaining when somebody insults emigrants, insults women -- insults immigrants, insults women. >> clinton now opposes the transpacific partnership and is vowing for further gun control. shift with thee rise of self-confessed socialist bernie sanders, who is gaining fame.
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>> sending a message to the billionaire class -- you can't have it all. >> sanders has fought hard to the tax cuts wealthiest. >> at an early age, i began to realize the impact finances have on families. >> democratic hopefuls will debate on a wide range of topics . >> should there be boots on the ground? should there be a no-fly zone? should there be -- what about the russians in syria? will clinton be able to avoid the "e-mail scandal" being brought up? socialism -- what is socialism? o'malley, jim webb, and lincoln chafee will use this debate to make their voices heard, keen to shine with millions of voices -- millions of voters watching. >> the man who went on a
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shooting rampage in january is thought to have received his orders from someone in syria. he killed five people in two different attacks at the same time as the murders at the offices of magazine "charlie hebdo." instructions to kill sent from a fake e-mail account. the shooter reportedly received a message ordering him to go on a shooting spree. on january 8 in seven paris, he killed a policewoman. later, he apparently received an e-mail written in that french translating as, "work alone. .ick the easiest targets perhaps suburbs if problem in center. c what is best -- see what is best." after the terrorist
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was killed, his hostages were released. in the e-mail, another part intrigue investigators. could be a codename for the brothers who carried out hebdo" attack. issue the a video posted from syria after his death. his girlfriend fled france just before the attacks and is now believed to be in syria. seven alleged accomplices have then arrested january, accused of helping him get his hands on weapons. the person who sent the killing order remains unidentified for now. laura: time for a quick reminder of our international headlines. tuesday was the deadliest day
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yet. palestinian violence against israelis continues with three people killed and 20 injured in 4 separate gun and knife attacks today. u.s. secretary of state john attackss condemned the in the strongest possible words. bernie sanders is going up against hillary clinton tonight in the first televised democratic debate. the former secretary of state still having some trouble connecting with the party grassroots. and the man who killed five people on a shooting spree in paris in january got his e-mail --rders yet .ia e-mail those are the top stories. let's get you some business news now. the two biggest beer makers in the world are getting together. miller haswer sab
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accepted in principle an offer from its biggest rival, aheuser-busch, following month-long process that has seen times. raised several the latest bid was 44 pounds per share, valuing sab miller at 69 billion pounds or 92 billion euros. the combined company would be responsible for one in every three beers made worldwide. for more on the deal, i spoke to an analyst at ig in london. he told me what convinced sab miller that the offer was good enough. >> they were always keen to see a price close at a 45 pounds before they were going to approve it to their shareholders . they felt that previous bids were not remunerated their shareholders for the synergies the companies in unison would benefit from, and this is an
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all-cash offering. there are quite a few hurdles to be cleared yet before the big can be completed, not least because there is such a dominant market share in a number of u.s.ns -- specifically the and china -- where they will have to see some asset stripping going on. rkus: does this makes sense -- does this make sense? alistair: arguably, this is a deal ab imbev cannot afford to waste. while the dollar is still particularly strong, their spending power is that much more powerful as well. taking advantage of this situation. : there's also the question of regulatory approval, if antitrust authorities will say yes. how big is the risk of the deal
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falling through from your perspective? stair: the fact that the discount, given a 10% it's more than what you usually see in these deals, especially given that this is an all-cash offering. normally, the premium is considerably less than that. also that ab imbev have fallen if -- have added a $3 million fee. that shows how confident they are that their shareholders will approve it, that there will be organizational, structural changes for both companies on the back of this, but they certainly believe it is nothing they cannot achieve in order to see this deal through to completion. we're going to move on now. concerns over the chinese economy have been weighing on
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global stocks this tuesday. the value of imports into china dropped sharply. they were down more than 20% from a year earlier. the move is partly down to lower oil prices, but it's also seen as a sign of weaker demand among .hinese consumers that's where those fears and concerns over the chinese economy came from. we will look at the stock markets on behalf -- on the back of all of that. we are seeing shares struggling. we did see the indices tribe for gains a little earlier, but we have seen them turning negative later in the session. j.p. morgan chase expected to report after the bell, a bellwether for the banking sector over in the united states or at least seen as. shares in europe ending lower on the back of those concerns as .ell
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stocks were under pressure as they have sizable exposures to china. shares gained veanwhile, whereas ab imve shares traded higher as well, so it seems as though traders .elcomed the news we will see how that story works out in the end. were going to move on to a different topic. france has signed deals with 10 with saudi arabia according to the prime minister who made the announcement on twitter at the tail end of a visit to the region. we have more now on a business relationship that has grown in both size and scope. >> the trip focused on
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bolstering already booming business between france and oil-rich saudi arabia. >> come to france. come to invest in our country at the heart of europe. this is the right time, more than ever. >> relations between the countries have strengthened in years as ties between washington and riyadh called off under president obama. volumetrade exchange between the countries exceeded 12 billion euros in 2014. saudi invested capital in rants amounted to about 700 million euros -- saudi invested capital in france. >> where has this money been going back saudi arabian airlines ordered riyadher planes, and committed to buying french weapons and military equipment to supply the lebanese army.
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government, a french subsidiary was paid $2 billion to operate and maintain buses in .iyadh for 10 years more deals are expected to búcw
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10/13/15 10/13/15 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> the rules are these, there shall only be one debate and i want and only one in new hampshire and anybody that goes off script participate in other debates other than those sanctioned by the dnc will be for been from attending other states. it is a very undemocratic way to run the democratic party. amy: five all caps off tonight for the first of six debates, half of the republicans schedule. we will speak with bill curry


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